Pointguard - iToplight the smartest Digital Taxi Roof Sign

iToplight - The Future of Taxi Roof Signage

iToplight - different models of digital taxi roof signs


Digital Roof Signs and Digital Roof Lights for the Taxi market

Pointguard is a leading supplyer of Digital Roof Signs and Digital Roof Lights for Taxi.

Compared to traditional taxi roof signs with static messages, a digital roof sign offers the possibility of delivering targeted messages adapted to the context and audience. This can be used in the taxi roof sign for displaying the status of the car (e.g., On Call, Off Duty, Hired, etc) or maybe to show the current tariff. Advertising messages or other important information that you want to communicate to your customers are also possible to display when using a digital taxi sign.

Pointguard’s iToplight is a new, unique digital (electronic) taxi roof light. It includes a bright three color LED display facing forward, a row of green/red LEDs and a illuminated Taxi zone facing backwards. The iToplight shows status messages (alternating between different languages, e.g., English and Arabic), which can be automatically triggered by the on board computer or taxi meter. It can also display “live messages” sent from dispatch. The brightness of both the LED display and the row of LEDs at the back is automatically adjusted using a light sensor for optimum visibility during day and night.

Pointguard has designed our digital taxi roof lights to work both in cold and warm climates and all components are heat durable. The iToplight’s firmware is flexible and easy to update to ensure that it will suit all future needs. ¬†

We are certain that electronic taxi roof lights are the future of taxi roof signage and you can be sure that and Pointguard’s iToplight is state of the art when it comes to digital taxi signs.